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      End of week update #2

      Hello all, here's what's gone on this week

      • Set up the VPS and installing important software to run the server
      • Moved over server files
      • Set up client for connection and performed some closed alpha with the staff
      • Opened connection and jarred the client for public alpha release
      • Updated forums with a few more categories & uploaded client for public download
      • Got some feedback on bugs
        • Following the above, we have created a staff section on the forums with a compiled list of bugs and the order in which they will be fixed - we will be looking at combat to begin with.
      • Set up a few calendar events for the future & added a tutorials menu for all official tutorial posts

      There may be more but I believe that this covers the most important things!

      Thanks for reading,

      ~ Wolf


      Runekeep open alpha

      Hi all,

      After a bit of tinkering we have finished our closed alpha testing and are ready to release it to the public.

      This will be available for all members to use and the client is now on our download page.


      Please note that this is a very stripped down version of the client and will likely have a lot of bugs. - please report any that you find.

      We will also be uploading the full cache for anyone that has trouble with the client downloading it.

      You will be able to log in using any details during this alpha testing period. Once over, we will link usernames to the forums and potentially transfer items & experience to your main account should you wish to keep them.

      All members who help during testing will be rewarded during the full release and will potentially keep their stats and items.

      If you have any questions or find any bugs, please post in the Suggestions / Questions sections on the forums!



      On a side note, we will be adding "report a bug" and "alpha suggestions" to a new section on the forums tomorrow.


      Alpha release shortly

      Hello all,

      We have almost finalised a few minor details with the server to allow for an open alpha and aim to have it available to download by the end of the day.

      The only current roadblock is that the VPS host have not yet emailed the username and password for us to move server files across.

      Once this has been done, the client has already been pointed in the right direction and there should only be a small bit of portforwarding to sort out.

      Will keep you updated as and when the client is available to download on the downloads page and we will update the calender with the alpha closing date.

      Runekeep V0.1a shall be arriving shortly.




      End of week update #1

      I know on a lot of servers / website, there are a lot of closed doors and questions as to where the staff are with things.

      To combat this, we will be making a weekly update post (at the very least) to try and keep you keyed in on what's coming up. (this will usually be on a Friday but as I am away, I didn't want to throw it on Snack last minute!)

      So this week, here's what's gone on:

      • Some basic forum housekeeping (updating security measures, checking out layouts for the homepage, removing and adding menus for future etc.)
      • Discussions on whether we should start with a 718 or 317 server (we have decided 317 to begin with to avoid the bugs and large cache)
      • Picking a bunch of sources and going through files to see what we are able to do with them.
      • Chose a source for alpha testing which has been set up privately.
      • Discussed what hosting to go with (linux or windows) when we open alpha testing to the public.
      • Set up a system that will allow us to modify files from two different places.
      • Discussed whether this will be a pk or economy server (we have decided economy based with a pickup alternative).

      There were a few other things but these weren't very important!

      We will be updating the calendar with the next month's plan early next week so keep an eye out.

      Thanks for reading,

      ~ Wolf



      Hello future readers,

      We have now set up the website / forums and are working on adding categories for you to post in.

      We will then be working on adding a server (317 initially) and holding an open beta while we test things out.

      I hope that we manage to grow into a great community and look forward to meeting you all.


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