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  1. Just a quick update - the server is now up and I have made an alpha client available for download for registered members. The direct link is http://www.runekeep.com/server/Client v0.1.jar but you can also click the "Download Alpha" button at the top of the page. Thanks, Wolf
  2. I had a spare bit of cash this month after passing an exam that I didn't expect to pass (go me). Because of this, I've paid for a few months of a VPS where I will host a Runescape Private Server. The server is currently in very early stages and I don't imagine it will be updated often until I am finished with my exams next year. The client will be available for download on the main site once it has been made available. I will also set up a suggestions forum for any small changes (xp rates etc.) that I will probably make on the weekend or from my phone if they're not too big. Thanks all, Wolf.
  3. Stock Stream is the worlds first cooperative multiplayer stock market game using real money. The stream uses $50,000 real USD invested on a stock trading website which has no trading charges (Robinhood). As of May 30th at 09:00 EST, viewers of the Twitch stream can comment in order to buy / sell shares in companies. The game will run until the funds fall below $25,000 and there may be prizes in the future for top traders. The Twitch channel is https://www.twitch.tv/stockstream for those of you who want to take part. Good luck!
  4. Your account is insane. I reckon you'll be 99 in all skills by this time next year (except invention)
  5. Hi future users! I've moved over the website to IPB so that we can have a decent forum. Admins will include Infidel, Jed & me. Moderators can apply by messaging on the Discord server. More to come eventually. Thanks, Wolf